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7 must-have makeup brushes and how to use them

The makeup world can be a bit overwhelming.  Apart from all the options for the makeup products themselves, there are a great number of brushes and tools to choose from to use with it. They all appear to serve different purposes and it may be a bit difficult to know which to pick. It’s not like makeup brushes come with an instruction manual.

Also, naming conventions for makeup brushes don’t make it very easy for beginners. Brushes are named or identified by numbers or a set of characters, which might add to the confusion.

Applying makeup makes you feel great, but you would feel even better when you are confident that your tools will give you the best results. So even for the 5-minute makeup woman, using the right set of brushes are a must. They will result in an easier and better application of your makeup products. It would also ensure reducing the time spent on retouching the makeup after it's applied.

To assist in figuring out the basics you should have in your makeup kit, here’s quick a run-down of the must-have makeup brushes:

1. Foundation brush
2. Concealer brush
3. Powder brush
4. Brow brush
5. Eye-shadow brush
6. Eyeliner brush
7. Blush and Contour brush

Before letting the "brushes" out of the bag, it is important to be aware that the maintenance of your brushes is as essential as owning them. Apart from the benefits to your skin, cleaning your brushes regularly (at least once a week) makes them last longer.

Without any further delay, these are the seven non-negotiable makeup brushes everyone should have in their kit and exactly how to use them.

1. Foundation brush

This brush can arguably be said to be the holy grail of brushes. It is a non-negotiable part of your kit. Using a foundation brush not only gives your foundation a flawless finish, but it also keeps away all the oils and bacteria from your fingers. These bacteria can clog up your pores if you apply your foundation with your fingers. Your foundation brush should be made of high quality, 100% synthetic fibre so they can be used with liquid or cream products (like foundation and concealer) without trapping your makeup.

Recommended use: Simply apply foundation by dotting it on your face, and with a stippling motion, buff it with the brush into the skin.

2. Concealer brush

Concealer brushes are not only helpful for removing foundation streaks, but they help you hide any sign of a breakout with significant ease. A flat or pointed brush allows you to build colour and create coverage where needed with its tip. However, the more rounded brush can easily conceal dark circles under your eyes with little to no effort. Their bristles will help you get into areas other tools can not.

Recommended use: Identify specific areas that need extra coverage. Examples of these areas would be small spots and blemishes. With the small pointed brush, pinpoint these areas and use the flat brush to apply concealer to these areas. Apply concealer under your eyes as well, then smoothen it up with the foundation brush.

3. Powder brush

Powders are everyday makeup products which only makes the powder brush an everyday makeup tool as well. Therefore, this particular brush is a must-own and happens to be the most widely used. Whether you're a loose or pressed powder woman, this brush has bristles that will disperse the product evenly. It is also helpful when working on your finishing touches with the setting powder.

Recommended use: Transfer product to your face with the aid of the brush's bristles and buff in with the brush where necessary.

4. Brow brush

The eyebrows are no doubt one of a person's most prominent facial features. They are the focal point of your face and are an ever-growing phenomenon in the makeup world. Therefore, a good brow brush is a must-have. This brush aids in filling in the scanty and fine hairs to give fuller brows.

The dual-ended brow brush is preferred as one side features a spoolie to comb through the brows, and the other end, a stiff angled brush.

Recommended use: Brush the brows upward with the wand to get a natural arch. With shorter brush strokes, use the top of the brush to fill in, reshape or frame your brows

5. Eyeshadow brush

When it comes to the eyes, there is a lot to cover and this can be challenging for beginners. Using the right brush would set you off on the right track. The shadow brush is ideal for eye makeup. Most shadow brushes feature two ends with one end small enough for blending your shadows and flat enough to pick up the product.

Recommended use: Use the soft, dense bristles to sweep the shadow over your lids, starting from the inner corner and working outwards for a natural look. You could also use it to dab eyeshadow on for full coverage.

6. Eyeliner brush

Having a perfect wing is now the norm and this brush does the job so it is a must-have. This brush can be used in various ways ranging from the winged liner to darkened waterlines and straight edges. The liquid eyeliner was a no go area for beginners, before having a perfect wing became so mainstream.

Recommended use: When applying liquid liner with the brush, make sure you hold the brush like a pencil, closer to the base than the bristles to give a cleaner line.

Sweep and drag the brush along your lash line, always keeping the pointed tip facing outside.

7. Blush and contour brush

Contouring is one makeup trend that seems to have come to stay. Even if you are a beginner, you can keep it simple with the right contour brush. This brush has ultra-long bristles making it also ideal for applying your blush. Many of these brushes are made with an angle in order to help contour your cheekbones and define your structure with shading.

Recommended use: Buff your blush and contour with the rounded tip of the brush. Circulate it lightly into a pressed powder compact and apply it in a circular motion to the cheeks to enable the makeup melt into your skin giving a seamless, natural and lasting look.

There you have it! The 7 must-have makeup brushes that you just can not do without in your daily makeup routine. Of course, there are other brushes for more explicit and detailed looks but for now, you can use these for a flawless look.

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